Our Solutions


Powerful job management/tracking solution allows you to know who, when, how and why from a glance from our dashboard.


GPS trackers designed specifically for improving fleet management of airport shuttle transportation businesses.


GPS fleet tracking performance management system offering a broad range of solutions to fleet businesses.

Our Specialities

Real Time Monitoring

Always know where your vehicles are, no calling around for your drivers' location. Complete more jobs due to improved dispatching.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Our fleet tracking app can help you decrease costs by monitoring vehicle speed, decreasing idle times and improving routing & dispatching.

Reduce Labor Costs

Our hours worked report provides you with daily actual start and finish times, hours worked, days worked .

Decrease Fleet Expenses

Reduce vehicle breakdown by staying on the top of vehicle repair and maintenance. Decrease wear and tear, and potentially lower insurance costs.

Always Delivering Best Of Our Services

⇒ Access the dashboard, live map, reports, alerts and more

⇒ Find the closest vehicles for urgent dispatch

⇒ View animated vehicle journeys in route replay

⇒ Display Geofences on a map

⇒ Send a stop to a GPS Tracking device


Simple Pricing Model

No support charges. Enjoy pay-as-you-use billing per device with free testing.

Multi-Device Support

Enjoy hardware freedom and support across a wide and growing range of GPS tracking devices.

Fully Customisable

Brand the platform as your own. Customise functionality and reporting to suit your customer's needs.

Zero Maintenance

Never worry about developing, maintaining or upgrading software. It's all done for you.

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